Tonight on TV. What We’ll Be Watching.

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So it’s no secret that Becca and I are TV buffs. Becca even writes for the CW Atlanta over on their blog. I can’t even tell you when our love for television and all things pop culture began. Maybe with the hunky Clark Kent on Smallville or possibly with those fiesty three witches on Charmed. But one thing is for sure — it was the WB. The network geared towards young adults will always be our favorite. So here’s a little at what we’re so excited for tonight:

Let’s be honest. If you’re a Vampire Diaries fan you know exactly what’s playing tonight. Not just any old episode of vampires and hybrides and dopplegangers. Nope. Tonight’s episode is a backdoor pilot for the could-be-future-show The Originals, featuring and starring our favorite vampire — Klaus!

We’re also big Klaroline fans, so here’s hoping to an episode that gives us some updates on the romance that is should be brewing.

So we’re not just writers. We’re also avid consumers of pop culture and media. What will you be watching tonight?

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