You May Love This Novel If…

If you want the self-deprecating post, it’s below. This one is all about love. No, just kidding. But the word “hate” is going to be thrown out. Here it goes!

You May Love This Novel If…

1. You love flawed characters — people who tend to be frustrating at times because something is clearly wrong with them. You want to shake them they’re so flawed. You want to hold them and tell them everything is going to be okay. Or you just want to yell at them for a single moment. That’s natural! And if  you love flawed characters, you’ll love this novel. Onward!

2. You like realistic novels mixed with a little bit of the fantastic. Addiction is real. But the companies we create are not.

3. You love smut. (Sex addiction, alert. There will be sex scenes in the strangest and steamiest capacity.)

4. You love best friend relationships!

5. You’re not easily scared off by cursing or the word “porn”

6. You understand that some addicts do not want to seek help because they don’t believe they have a problem that hurts other people.

7. You love smart people. I’m talkin’ top-of-the-class, bordering-pretentious smart. (They exist far too often in our everyday life; you’d be surprised)

8. You love destructive relationships.

9. You love books that bring out some type of emotion in you. (This emotion does not always have to be gooey, sentimentalism.)

10. You love romance that defies the norms. This isn’t your typical “Guy saves Girl. They fall in love — then comes the HEA.”

Bonus: You also love sisters. The kind that will make you feel better when you need to but will also give you tough love to help you in the end.

That’s it! I think the greatest challenge and one of our primary focuses while writing Addicted to You was making Lily seem like she truly has a problem. It’s easy for us to say that once she started being promiscuous, she should have sought help. But men sleep around all of the time and you don’t see them attending SAA or saddled with the the term “Sex Addict.” We didn’t want to condemn Lily based on some one-night stands or her choice to be sexually adventurous. Men aren’t. Neither should women. She had to cross even more lines in order to truly become a sex addict, one that was ultimately destructive.

That was the trickiest part for us. As a woman, I didn’t want my gender to be shammed by sex even more than we already are. So it was very important to show how Lily fits the unhealthy extreme.

As always, thanks for reading this far. Addicted to You releases July 1st in paperback and Kindle.


You May Hate This Novel If…

Hello! *waves* This is my first post on the author website. I’m ashamed I haven’t written on here yet. I’ll blame exams and travel, but Krista has been kind enough to pick up my heavy slack. But I’m here now! We’ve been talking a lot about why people may not like Addicted to You. I mean, it’s about two addicts who can be pretty horrible people. That’s the trick, isn’t it? Trying to make them endearing but stay true to two addictions, one that is commonly know (and many people have their own ideas about it) and then the other that is quite taboo and some people believe it’s not even real (that’s trouble in itself — to make you believe that she’s a sex addict and not just a promiscuous girl).

After some thought, I joked around about adding a WARNING list in the front of the book about “You May Hate This Novel If…” Or “Re-consider your footing before continuing!” Something like that  — all in jest of course. I decided to write a post about it instead. Here goes the list.

You May Hate This Novel If…

1. You’re eaaasily uncomfortable (by anything you haven’t seen before. Trust me, it’s in there)

2. You hate words like blow job, prick and self-love…and well, other things that describe sexual escapades. Basically, you’re uncomfortable by sex. Turn back now! There’s still time 🙂

3. You find girly names on boys weird. Oh, and you dislike flower names!

4. You generally find rich people nauseating. Like really rich. Like so insanely rich they can take a private yacht trip whenever they like. That’s pretty damn wealthy.

5. You can’t understand a functioning alcoholic. He drinks all day and all night and never slurs? WTF? 

 6. You go in hating it. Duh!

7. You speed-read. Don’t lie, I know we all do it. As reviewers, Krista and I have stacks to get through before a certain date. Skimming comes in handy, but it also makes for a poor read. So we rarely do it, and if we do, we try not to talk about things like “confusion” or what a strange world? Because let’s face it, we probably skipped over the little details that told us everything. Am I right?

8. You hate NA. ‘Nuff said.

9. You find the idea of loving your best friend nauseating. (I don’t know where these people are, but if you exist *sad face*)

10. Last one! You hate awkward situations. Example: experiencing the humiliation of being caught watching porn (in class). Yes, it happens to Lily. Beware!

So that’s it! 10 reasons why you may hate this novel. We’re also writing this before reviews come out, in part, to soften the blow. There could be a million more reasons you hate it. Like you didn’t connect with the characters, the writing, etc. We’re reviewers. We know all the points you’ll hit. And we’re ready for them! Thanks for reading this far, and we can’t wait to see how you like the novel. And if you’re not planning on reading it, hopefully you’ve passed the 10 reasons and decide to pick it up 🙂

Now that we’re done being all self-deprecating, maybe we’ll have a “You’ll Love This Novel If…” list later!