Collaborative Writing: Whose Name Comes First?

This question was posed right when Becca and I started writing together. Whose name would be first on the book? For other writing duos it might be in alphabetical order or maybe the more famous of the two. It will always differ. Especially for us. We’re sisters. In fact, we’re twins. So you might be a little surprised why my name is first on the book. Let me answer some guesses that I’m sure you have before I reveal the truth 🙂

Krista, why does your name come before Becca’s on the book? 

Is it because you’re older? 

My Answer: Yes, I am older! By a whole minute! And I will continue to hold that over Becca’s head for forever. But I’m not cruel enough to bulldoze over her like a barbarian for the honor of being named first. So…no.

Is it because you wrote more of the book? 

My Answer: We contributed the same amount. Neither of us we’re taking tally but if I had to place my bets, I’d say Becca physically wrote more. Look, she’s got the English degree, she’s been writing longer, naturally she’s better suited for this lifestyle. If anyone believes I’m first because I’m the better writer or I wrote more, they are highly mistaken. I hold my own in terms of writing, but I will always contest that she’s better than me. So again…no.

Is it because you’re taller? 

My Answer: We’re twins! We’re the same height, dummy!

Is it because you’re smarter? 

My Answer: We are both equals on the intellectual front. I may be a little sharper in science and math, but she makes up for it with her English and Telecom wizadry.

Is it because you started writing the book first? 

My Answer: This is true. I wrote ADDICTED TO YOU first. The very first draft that was on life support until Becca got her hands on it. She added her own things, tweaked some characters, left some stuff, and then let me go back and edit. Then we edited some more. So…being first to the punch really doesn’t make a difference in terms of how we write.

Is it because you’re prettier? 

My Answer: We are identical twins. Enough said.

Is it because you threatened her? 

My Answer: What?! That’s a terrible thing to ask. The answer most certaintly is no. Meanies.

And the most obvious one: Is it because people refer to you as “Krista and Becca” and NOT “Becca and Krista”

My Answer: Surprisingly, this one is a big fat NO as well. Our names have always been interchangeable, and I can’t pinpoint an order that people usually use. In high school though (about to get a little psychological up in here) people wouldn’t refer to us by our first names at all. It was commonly either the Ritchie Twins or just the Twins (we didn’t have many sets of identical twin girls in our grade). Identity instantly lost in that case. But I digress…there is no particular order that people used for us.

So then why the hell is my name first???? 

The answer will either literally be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, or possible the funniest. So when we were deciding whose name would go first, it was a quick decision. We realized quickly that we didn’t want anyone to shorten the name down to B.K. because…let’s be honest that is Burger King. And if you’re like us and have seen “Generation Kill” it’s also slang for Baby Killer. So…there’s your little odd explanation.

Now if you ever read our books and think that I’ve somehow contributed more because my name is first, you’d be dead wrong. Becca is just as important and I argue with her about putting her name first on Goodreads at least (I’m forcing her for future books) so that she can get the type of credit she really deserves.

In the end, we are equal partners in crime and have equal contribution to the book. But someone’s name has to go first, and mine just happened to be there because of Burger King 😉


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