Early Kindle Release of Addicted to You!

So big news guys! If you already haven’t heard on Nawanda Files, our New Adult novel Addicted to You is now available on Kindle! We wanted to release it early at a bargain price of $0.99 so that everyone who has been pumped and excited about it, can snag a copy at a cheaper price. Yay!

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So we’re super excited that the book is now released to the world! It’s crazy that the day has finally come for other people to read our work. Also crazy news — just two days after Addicted to You was released on Kindle, it made the New Adult Top 100 Best-Sellers in Kindle books! That’s AMAZING. And we owe it all to our readers and supporters. We seriously couldn’t do any of this without you guys. So thanks and *hugs*

best sellers rank

The paperback will release on the official release date — July 1st! So lookout for that. Again, thanks for all the wonderful support. We’re seriously blown away by everyone’s generosity and excitement for Addicted to You. You all are awesome ❤

– Krista


7 thoughts on “Early Kindle Release of Addicted to You!

    • Thanks so much, Melissa! Fall 2013 is the tentative release date for Addicted for Now (Addicted #2). We’re shooting for either July or August for the novella to hold people over until then 😉 Krista and I can write pretty fast though since we’re two people instead of one. We’re hoping to have them out sooner rather than later!

      — Becca

  1. Hi,

    When will this be available to buy on Kobo? I can’t buy Kindle version as i have a sony reader. Am dying to read this book! Sounds great! Read the reviews on Goodreads!


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